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Digital Marketing
for Heroes.

Team Niels is a boutique 360° digital marketing agency We supercharge marketing.

women with laptop What we do?
  • Strategy

    Our CMOs guide startups and established B2B and B2C brands. Rely on them to build your marketing / content / brand / digital strategies. They’ll take you to market, help you to be precise, to be creative, exciting, exact, fast, professional, innovative…. simply put… they’ll make you a Marketing Hero!

  • Creative

    We help you create exciting brands, creative concepts, social media content, and websites based on insights from research and experience. We’ll present your products in a vivid & unique way to your buyer persona, boosting your digital presence.

  • Digital

    Results, Results, Results! Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, et omnes alias herbas. We build innovative campaigns based on research, data, focused creative, and clear buyer personas. Some of the three letter abbreviations we deal with: SEM, PPC, SEO, SMM, CRO, MAP. We’re committed to full transparency and timely reporting, built in strategy, innovation, professional engagements, and high availability.

Success & Results We deliver results!

Of course, we are marketing heroes, but our goal is to make you one too!

At team Niels, we’ve developed a reputation for creating measurable marketing campaigns, targeted strategies, and smart creatives to reach your target audience. We work hard to understand who your market is, what motivates them, and their preferred marketing channels.

They say data is the new gold, and we agree. We turn your data into a profit machine through in-depth analytics, marketing automation, and conversion rate optimization.

We never lose sight of your goals. We think that’s why 80% of our clients have either worked with us before or were referred by an existing client.

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Our Team

  • Niels Kramer profile image

    Niels Kramer

  • Yariv Harpaz profile image

    Yariv Harpaz

    Head of Digital
  • Elad Gaon profile image

    Elad Gaon

  • Kern Many profile image

    Kern Many

    SEO Manager
  • Ran Lichter profile image

    Ran Lichter

    PPC Manager
  • Tzook Asraf profile image

    Tzook Asraf

    Design & Dev
  • Itay Symbol profile image

    Itay Symbol

    PPC Manager
  • Elli Iceman profile image

    Elli Iceman

    Marketing Manager
  • Sharon Biron profile image

    Sharon Biron

  • Karen Hayoun profile image

    Karen Hayoun

    Content & Copy
  •  profile image

    Reut Aldema

    Social Media Manager
  • The Cat profile image

    The Cat

    Being a Cat

Why work with us

When choosing a marketing agency, you want a smart, creative, and innovative team of good people who are available for you when you need them. People who think before they speak and fulfill their promises. You want the problem solving, service oriented, result-driven marketing heroes you’ll find at Team Niels.

But a word of warning. You should only work with us if you’re ready to go big!

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  • Results-driven
  • Very Responsive
    Very Responsive
  • Problem Solvers
    Problem Solvers
  • Fun & Friendly People
    Fun & Friendly People

Our Heroes

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  • company logo synopsis
  • company logo comtainer
  • company logo tradeMobile
  • company logo darMarakesh
  • company logo eagle
  • company logo habana
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Use cases Take a look at our superpowers

  • TradeMobile Largest multibrand car dealer in Israel

    Outsourced_Marketing_Department Paid_Advertising SEO Social Design&Content_Creation
    Use case TradeMobile
    TradeMobile design
  • Safe T Public traded. Zero Trust Security Solutions

    Branding Paid_Advertising SEO Website_Design&Dev Linkedin Design&Content_Creation CMO_as_a_Service
    Use case Safe-T
    Safe-T design
  • Comtainer Smart Consolidation Platform

    CMO_as_a_Service Design&Content_Creation PPC_Campaign Linkedin
    Use case Comtainer
    Comtainer design

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